Great Hope Golf Course anticipating to still have busy days during the colder months

WESTOVER, Md.- Great Hope Golf Course in Westover is preparing for the winter months ahead.

The Head PGA Professional at the golf course said they had a better summer than they anticipated, while being in a pandemic.

He said they broke previous records for rounds and income.

The PGA professional said this is probably due to golf being a sport that is outside and easy to follow CDC restrictions.

And despite being in these colder months, we are told customers are still expected to come in, especially on the warmer days.

“If it goes up 5 degrees and the sun comes out I can tell you we’re going to see a busy day, probably busier in years gone by in a normal off season,” Jack Skilling, Head PGA Professional, said. “I think just because people aren’t traveling and their still looking to get out of the house cause they are going stir crazy and they can still play golf.”

Great Hope Golf Course said they are open throughout the year.

They said starting in November there’s usually a drop off in how much they make, but they staff accordingly and adjust their hours to help.

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