2021 State of the State Address for Delaware


DELAWARE – Governor John Carney made his first State of the State address of his new term, detailing his vision for what he would like to accomplish in this coming year.

Governor Carney had what the republicans say, a difficult job of addressing multiple issues that occurred in the past year. Between the state’s economy education, racial tensions, and even the election. Governor Carney focused this address on up-lifting the people of Delaware as people come out of a crazy year.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing compares to the last 10 months,” says Governor Carney.

“The past year brought us a once in a life time public health crisis, civil unrest, and racial tensions,” says Governor Carney. Governor Carney also tells the citizens of Delaware, the state plans to focus on creating a healthy community, economy and educational system for the state.

Governor Carnet, “we need to ensure our most vulnerable students get the education they need and deserve.”

Although republicans gave a response to Governor Carney, agreeing that education should be a major priority, they also say Governor Carney stands in a rough spot. He has to address all the issues the state has endured over the past year, and they say in his address he only briefly touched the surface.

“The lack of support that we’ve seen, the lack of clear communication from the state in regards to resources for our seniors and also for our children over the course of the last nine months,” says Delaware Senator, Ernesto Lopez.

The republicans went on to say, many issues besides education were not focused on and plans for the future were not addressed as they believe they should have been. Although they all wish to see the economy thrive, addressing other vulnerable populations should have been a priority in their opinion.

“To get our economy going is to get our people back to work and to get people back to work and get our restaurant industries back to capacity again,” Delaware Senator and Majority Whip, Brian Pettyjohn.

However, all state officials can agree that this past year has been nothing short of difficult, and they say they want to work together to find tangible solutions to address all issues from this past year.

“Of course we can’t do any of these things I just mentioned unless we beat this pandemic,” adds Governor Carney.

Republicans also mentioned, getting vaccines out should be a major concern for the state of Delaware. Governor Carney’s will have a budget on Thursday, January 28, and the presentation will focus on suggested funding priorities for this upcoming year into 2022.

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