Dover Councilman David Anderson proposes a COVID-19 small business relief program

DOVER, Del. – Many small businesses in Dover are struggling to make ends meet. That’s why one councilman is stepping up proposing a COVID-19 small business relief program.

Councilman David Anderson says his proposed program would cover up to $5,000 of small businesses’ electric and other utility bills without running into the risk of getting disconnected.

Anderson says businesses would be allowed up to two years to pay the money back to the fund. He adds the program is designed to defer payment on utility bills for businesses that have their main operation center within the Dover Municipal Electric Service area.

“It helps our businesses get over the hump,” said Anderson, “It’s not the only thing they may need, but it’s one more tool that they’ll have.”

Councilman Anderson says the proposed program is set to be voted on by the council on January 11th.

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