Mom Mom Militia delivers meals, human connection to seniors

FRUITLAND, Md. –  Months into the pandemic, we’ve all adjusted some way or another. But for senior citizens in the area – this new normal can be especially hard. But now, one group in the Salisbury area is trying to make life easier for them by making sure their bellies are full every single day.

“The pandemic hit so hard, so many of the local seniors are living with very little means to begin with, living on social security and whatnot,” Deborah Ritterson, one of the leaders in the group, said.

The group is called the Mom Mom Militia. And that’s truly what they are: a militia.

Right now we’re 828 plus members strong, all volunteers,” Ritterson said.

Here’s how it works: Ritterson gets requests sent to her via the Mom Mom Militia Facebook group, and then tells the group exactly what needs to be done.

“I would say, you know, for example, I have a request for a delivery in Salisbury, 123 Street, for example, and within maybe 5 minutes I’d have two or three people saying ‘okay I’ll be right over to pick it up,'” she said.

Meanwhile, she gets to packing up the food. And we’re not talking about one or two items of food here.

“Some boxes of pasta, some pasta sauce, some canned vegetables, a lot of the times we try to add some fresh fruit, sweet potatoes, potatoes, breakfast items, breakfast bars, snack foods,” Ritterson said.

A volunteer then picks the food up and hand delivers it, with masks and gloves of course. A process that’s sometimes as quick as one hour, but that leaves more than food — it leaves human connection.

“A few times people would call me crying, you could hear, and they’d say, ‘oh my gosh, they were the first contact this person has had in a while,'” Ritterson said.

It’s all a way to pay it forward and get through these unprecedented times, one box of food at a time.

“We’re all in this together, these times are so uncertain, so it’s just a little extra thank you for what that generation has done and helping them as much as we can,” Ritterson said.

She says the group runs entirely on volunteers and donations and they can always use some extra help.  If you want to get involved or donate some food, you can reach out to Deborah on their Facebook Page called Mom Mom Militia.

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