Schools at the Seaford School District welcome back students for in-person teaching

SEAFORD, Del. – After months of careful preparation, teachers at the Seaford School District welcomed students back to school.

“This is probably the most people I’ve seen in about two months,” said Christopher Tyler, an eighth-grader at Seaford Middle School.

On Tuesday, schools reopened their doors for hybrid teaching. The principal of Seaford Middle School says he is excited to see students back inside classrooms.

“It’s awesome and I’ve got to be honest,” said Seaford Middle School Principal Jim Cave.

“I didn’t sleep a lot last night because I’m so excited about what’s going to happen,” said Cave, “It’s the first time in six months.”

Everyone will be required to wears masks at all times and students will now be spread out for social distancing.

And parents we spoke to say getting their kids back for in-person teaching was needed.

“It’s definitely been difficult, but you want them to definitely be back to the normal routine,” said Casie Hubbard.

“It’s a must,” said Hubbard.

“Being here and actually seeing their friends even though they have to social distance will actually be better for their mental health,” said Melissa Ockels.

Parents say the schools are working hard to keep students and staff as safe as possible. They say teachers have been very diligent.

“Just the texting has been wonderful,” said Ockels.

“Just the communication like if you have any questions their teachers have all been reaching out very diligently checking on them throughout this whole pandemic just making sure that they’re doing well,” said Ockels.

But overall educators say they’re just glad school is back and that they’re doing all they can to give students the education they deserve.

“Our commitment level to this community and to our students is that we want to have students in our building as soon as we can as long as it’s safe,” said Cave.

The Seaford School District is also offering remote learning for those who do not feel comfortable returning to classrooms just yet.

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