Christian Shelter in Salisbury adding computer lab for virtual learning and additional programs

SALISBURY, Md.- As students head back to school for both online and in person classes, the Christian Shelter in Salisbury is doing what they can to fill any educational gaps.

“I don’t think there’s a shelter around here that has a computer lab, but we’ll have a computer lab so I’m excited about that,” Anthony Dickerson, Executive Director of the Christian Shelter, said.

The shelter will be turning their ministry into a computer lab in order to help students who are learning virtually. They will also be starting up a GED program.

“The computer lab will give them the resources that they need to be able to focus and so that they can be successful during this this difficult transition,” Dickerson said.

We’re told this computer lab will not only give students a quiet place to learn, it will also be a space where children won’t feel judged by their peers.

“They don’t want to feel as though they are less than a child by being in a shelter and so with the computer lab it gives them a sense to where they won’t see them in the shelter,” Dickerson said.

As for the GED program, the shelter believes they’re the first in the area to provide this kind of service, and guests that are a part of the program feel grateful.

“It’s an honor to be a part of it, I greatly appreciate it what they are doing, especially Anthony Dickerson he said he was gonna get it done and it got done in September,” Salvador Martinez, a guest in the GED program, said.

While the shelter continues to work on the computer lab and the GED program, they said they are not stopping there. They plan on offering a financial literacy program and domestic violence class as well.

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