Tornado narrowly misses two homes in Stockton, destroys chicken houses

STOCKTON, Md. – The small town of Stockton took a beating from Tropical Storm Isaias. On Tuesday, one of the six confirmed tornadoes that touched down on Delmarva passed through the town leaving a pretty clear path of destruction.

“I looked out the window and I was devastated at what I saw,” says Debbie Curtis. A tornado narrowly missed Debbie Curtis’ home on George Island Landing Road in Stockton on Tuesday morning. “A lot of cracking wind it was awful scary very scary.”

Curtis says the system came through right around 7 o’clock, she took cover with her grandson and then immediately called the fire department. “Upon arrival on the scene we found structural damage to two houses and one chicken farm with approximately three chicken houses that had been destroyed,” says Tim Jerscheid, the assistant fire chief for the Stockton Volunteer Fire Company.

Trees twisted and snapped, remnants of a shed on the property thrown all across the yard. Fire officials say this storm took everyone by surprise and caused quite a bit of damage as it passed through.

“There’s been several tornadoes that have passed through this area on and off through the years some of them with significant damage and others nowhere near like this. This is something uncharacteristic for this area,” says Jerscheid.

Given the path of destruction, it’s practically a miracle that the two homes in the 6200 block of George Island Landing Road are still standing. The young grandson of the homeowner says he feels lucky that no one was hurt.

Officials are reminding people not to go near or touch any hanging power lines that may be down because they could still be live wires. Additionally, be careful when driving tonight as it gets dark because they will likely still be debris on roads.