Emerging electric car company eyeing Delaware for headquarters, manufacturing

DELAWARE – An emerging electric car company is eyeing Sussex County as a place to build its headquarters and first manufacturing facility.

The CEO and Founder of Triton-EV says in the last 18 months they’ve developed an electric vehicle by creating the motor and battery. They plan to use other ready made components from companies like GM. We’re told they already have more than seven thousand pre-orders for their large SUV. The CEO and Founder says Delaware is their number one choice to build this facility because it’s close to their current location for their solar company in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

“We want to see how the state is going to help us as far as employment, tax rebates or the grants they will give us. It will determine a lot I think,” says Himanshu B. Patel, the CEO and Founder of Triton-EV.

Triton-EV is also in talks with California, West Virginia, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania and others. The facility will be a million square feet or more with a test track to supply these cars on a global scale at dealerships. They estimate they will employ two-thousand people to start and go up to 15-thousand or even 20-thousand over the course of five years.

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