Virginia makes the early call: no fall high school football

VIRGINIA – With about a month remaining before fall sports practices are to get underway here on Delmarva, Virginia has made their decision.

No football. At least for this fall.

There is still a chance we can see football in Accomack County this school year.

The Virginia High School League is looking into adopting one of three proposals for high school sports — none of which include sports in the fall.

Under the first plan sports schedules would remain in tact, but high-contact sports like field hockey, football, cheer and volleyball would have their seasons canceled.

The second plan calls for spring and fall sports to be flipped, with high-contact sports in the spring like football and lacrosse, and tennis, soccer, baseball and softball in the fall.

Under the third proposal, all sports would see a condensed season with winter sports beginning in mid-December, fall sports starting up in mid-February and spring sports getting started in mid-April.

The VHSL will vote on a final plan on July 27.

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