Live Green: B. Kind Company

TALBOT COUNTY, MD.– From using reusable bags at the grocery store to green cleaning products, there are easy and affordable swaps we can make to go green. This week on Live Green, Meteorologist Sloane Haines spoke with Alyssa Huff of the B. Kind Company, who emphasizes that everyday should be Earth Day.

In Talbot County, Maryland, there is a one family striving to make a big difference. In the process of finding eco-friendly products for their household, the Huff family founded the B. Kind Company.

“Our name comes from just being kind, in all aspects of life. And part of that is being kind to Earth. So, our mission is to offer eco-friendly products for everyday use,” said Alyssa Huff.

The company, which started this year, is broken into two parts. One side focuses on sustainable everyday products, while the other is hand crafted gifts. Everything is green, even down to the packaging.

“And most of our products have either no packaging or very little packaging. The ones that do have packaging are decomposable. We believe that small changes really make a big impact,” said Huff.

This business has something for everybody. Most importantly, it has something for everyday. Eco-friendly items include zero waste paper towels, facial cloths, and even shampoo bars.

Huff stated: “We also have sponges that are also compostable. And can decompose in your garden.”

“Another easy swap, instead of plastic ziplock bags, use snack pouches. We also have reusable food containers. So, if you pack your lunch for work, you can get a mason jar and put a special lid on it. And take your to go utensils with you,” said Huff.

To this family run business, everyday is Earth Day. Making a small change in the products you use can help keep Delmarva green.

To reduce your use of disposable products and find their green counterparts, check out the B. Kind Company. Here, you can find eco-friendly products and hand crafted gifts. Plus, when you buy local you are not just helping Delmarva businesses, but keeping Delmarva green.

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