Free COVID-19 tests given to restaurant workers in Rehoboth Beach area

REHOBOTH, Del.- Many cars flooded into the parking lot at Rehoboth Elementary School Wednesday. Everyone was there to get tested for COVID-19, and we are told a good amount of the people seen were restaurant employees in the area.

With the recent uptick in Covid-19 cases in the first state, The Delaware Restaurant Association wanted to partner with Beebe Healthcare to give restaurant employees free car-based COVID-19 testing.

“Right now, this week we have a lot of concern we want to support and care for our community and our restaurant community,” Stephen Keiser, VP of Operations for Beebe Medical Group, said.

“It’s going to give us a baseline to see where we stand with health and safety, and who may have come down with COVID, and more importantly who doesn’t have it,” Carrie Leishman, President and CEO of Delaware Restaurant Association, said.

Leishman said the increase of cases in Delaware has some restaurants closing, and on Wednesday that was partly to give their employees a chance to get tested.

“It gives them peace of mind, right, and also gives peace of mind to the employees, everybody wants a healthy workplace,  everybody wants a safer community,” Leishman said.

People in the community told us events like these are needed right now, especially for restaurant employees in Delaware’s beach towns.

“I think that we should definitely be focusing the testing on people who are currently employed in public spaces,” Grayson Moses, a Rehoboth resident, said.

Overall, the Delaware Restaurant Association hopes that testing events like this one will help them to be proactive and put together guidelines for restaurants.

“If someone comes into their business, or an employee in their business comes down with COVID, it’s something we’re not talking about and the restaurant industry wanted to actually be the out front industry doing it first,” Leishman said.

This event happened from 9 am to 1 pm.

We are told approximately 1,000 cars came.

Although the testing was primarily for restaurant employees, other members of the community were also welcomed to get tested as well.

Leishman adds citizens should also be doing their part in wearing masks and social distancing because as the beach town gets more crowded it’s hard to police customers.

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