Cambridge family remembering loved one through random acts of kindness

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – A Cambridge family is remembering their loved one who passed away last year by encouraging the community to do random acts of kindness.

Jerwan Hayes passed away in October of 2019. His 23rd birthday would have been on Thursday, so to celebrate and honor his life, they say they want to bring love and light to this crazy world and bring smiles to strangers. The family has already started a trend of love and kindness in the Cambridge community, after delivering a pizza to the Cambridge Rescue Fire Company. That kindness has been passed on by the Cabin Fever Play Centre, who purchased 23 tickets for children to play at the cabin.

The family says they hope this message brings love to the community, and if you participate by doing a random act of kindness, use the hashtag #honoringjerwanhayes2020.

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