Asst. fire chief credited with saving swimmers in Bowers Beach


BOWERS BEACH, Del. – Delaware State Police say the bodies of two swimmers were found Wednesday morning near South Bowers but a local assistant fire chief is credited with saving two others.

According to officials, three men from out of state went swimming in the Murder Kill River on Tuesday afternoon but the tide changed and a strong current swept them out. The Assistant Chief of South Bowers Beach Fire Department Michael Hignutt and his cousin were fishing and heard people in distress. Hignutt says he had his radio on him, called for EMS and jumped in to save whoever he could.

“He finally calmed down when he figured I had him, one hand on him and his shorts and I rolled him into his back and told him to look to the sky and I’d get him in I said I don’t know you and you don’t know me but I got you,” says Hignutt.

Hignutt also swam out to save a woman who was with the swimmers and went out to try and save her friends. Around 9 AM on Wednesday, the search teams found the bodies of 21-year-old Kevin George Jr. of Philadelphia and his brother, 20-year-old Zion George of Tennessee. Officials say none of them were strong swimmers but there also weren’t any signs in the area warning people.

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