Protestors gather in Berlin for Black Lives Matter March

BERLIN, Md. – On Saturday, people in Worcester County made their voices heard in their fight for racial justice.

“We are all just ordinary citizens that have decided that enough is enough and we can’t turn and look the other way,” said Denise Meade-Cervantes, co-founder at the African American Coalition of Worcester County.

Protestors marched across Berlin many raising concerns about the recent spread of racist messages in Worcester County claiming to be from the Ku Klux Klan.

“This protest has more of a mission and there is more of a statement behind it with the recent KKK literature,” said Rosie Bean, organizer of the march.

“We were going to not do any more protests, not do any more marches, but we decided we had to stand up and take action,” said Bean.

They say these hateful messages will not be tolerated and that they do not reflect the values of Worcester County.

“We’re not going to take it anymore,” said Bean, “We are not going to be quiet.”

“We are going to take action and we’re going to flip Worcester County,” said Bean.

Pocomoke City Council Member Todd Nock says communities should start to form meetings where they can create new solutions that will help bring change.

“The next step to bring change is definitely to continue to assemble, not necessarily in a protest form, but in a meeting form where we can really hash out the issues and we can come up with viable solutions to fix them,” said Nock.

He says another critical step is for all Maryland police departments to take diversity training like the one the Pocomoke City Police Department has been a part of and help make a difference.

“The Pocomoke City Police Department has had diversity training,” said Nock.

“We are actually the state model for the state of Maryland, so if we can get other municipalities in this state on board with the diversity training model that we use in Pocomoke we’ll be great to go,” said Nock.

Nock says the City of Pocomoke is looking at hosting community meetings that will help address racial injustice in Worcester County.

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