CHEER partners with USDA to deliver food boxes to senior citizens

GEORGETOWN, Del. – In Sussex County, the nonprofit CHEER is gearing up to distribute boxes of food in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

CHEER says right now there are many senior citizens who are not able to go out and buy food.

They’re also one of the most vulnerable populations when it comes to the coronavirus, which is why they’ve partnered up with the USDA.

The team at CHEER says they’re now gearing up to distribute these Farmers To Families Food boxes this upcoming Saturday to help provide fruits, meats and more for senior citizens.

“With the pandemic, people can’t get out to get groceries, groceries are scarce in some instances,” said Carolyn O’Neal, the Community Relations Director at CHEER.

“We serve senior citizens, they are the high-risk population,” said O’Neal.

The boxes are set to be distributed this Saturday at the CHEER Community Center in Georgetown. For more information, contact Carolyn O’Neal at 302-515-3040.

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