Fish Tales Bar & Grill in Ocean City unveils social distancing tables

OCEAN CITY, Md. – In Ocean City, the restaurant Fish Tales Bar & Grill unveiled new social distancing tables for their customers in their fight to keep business going amidst the pandemic.

“It makes something fun out of something that has been so miserable and it’s a little ray of hope that we can get back to some form of normalcy soon or if not have fun while it’s abnormal,” said Donna Harman, owner at Fish Tales Bar & Grill.

Each of these tables are designed to service one person in the middle while providing enough space where they can stay socially distanced from other people.

“They’re on wheels,” said Shawn Harman, owner at Fish Tales Bar & Grill.

“So, they will move around easily and they’re kind of like bumper cars for adults,” said Shawn.

Donna Harman says the idea for these tables started with her cousin an event planner in Baltimore who was forced to shut down her business during the pandemic.

So, they’re hoping that by working together they’ll make through this difficult time.

“I called her on Monday and I said Erin, I’ll take ten and she made ten tables and had them here by Saturday,” said Donna.

Shawn says all they can do now is wait until the state gives them the green light for outdoor seating.

“We’re just waiting for permission from the governor to engage in outdoor seating and this could be a way for our people to wait because you’re not allowed to stand in the seating area,” said Shawn.

The restaurant says they’re still figuring how exactly customers will be able to reserve these social distancing tables for example.

Shawn says right now they only have ten of these social distancing tables, but they hope to have about 30 in the future. For more about Erin Cermak’s company Revolution Event Design & Production, click here.

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