Delaware businesses reopening, adjusting to “new normal”

SUSSEX CO., Del. – Gloves, face masks and hand sanitizer are scattered among the wash stations, scissors and combs at one Selbyville salon. But there are also more empty chairs than normal. For the first time in almost seven weeks, some Delaware businesses are opening their doors to customers but they’re adjusting to a new normal and that requires much more than just a face mask.

“Right now we are only allowed to see essential personnel and it’s hair services only,” says Brandon Tatum-Poole, the owner of Vogue on 54 in Selbyville and Vogue on 24 in Millsboro. “The client has to say outside the salon until we are actually prepared for them or ready for their appointment. So we have to allow the station to be sanitized before we can bring them in.”

Despite the restrictions, Tatum-Poole is thankful to be back at his salon and spa. “You know honestly it’s been fantastic. The few clients that have come they have brought gifts.”

He tells 47 ABC, customers started calling as soon as they heard he could open. “So it started on Tuesday. We have had probably about 60 voicemails when we came in and started trying to filter through them.”

Meanwhile Georgetown jeweler, Charlie Koskey, says he’s also seen a steady flow of customers during his first day back open. “I have clients that are coming in today to retrieve things and drop things off and get batteries.”

For him, the major change is they’re only open by appointment and not allowing customers to try on jewelry. “We have already used pretty much best practices for sanitary practices. Washing our hands. Because we are interacting with clients personal items regularly.”

The Delaware business owners that are open say they’re just trying to make the best of it. “There’s not much that we can do. There’s no need to get mired in the pandemic as far as being able to change it. It is what it is,” says Koskey.

Business owners say they’re constantly updating their policies as state restrictions evolve in order to keep their doors open in the Safest way possible.

As of Friday, golf carts are also allowed at courses for one rider at a time with proper cleaning between customers.

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