Name change bill passes Maryland House

SALISBURY, Md. – In Maryland, the transgender community is celebrating a major win after a bill changing the requirements for legal name changes passed the House.

House Bill 427 removes the publishing requirement from legal name changes, meaning that name changes no longer need to be published in newspapers or other documents.

Members of the transgender community say the publishing requirement previously prevented them from changing their names out of fear or lack of privacy.

Local leaders of the transgender community tell 47 ABC changes like this help them live normal lives.

“Some people just want to be able to go and change their name and live their life and not tell people, not everybody wants to be visible, or be out there, they just want to go live their life, go to the store, get food, go to the movies,” Christiana McBride, a local activist, said.

The bill will next be heard by the Senate committee. If passed, it will head to Governor Hogan’s desk.

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