Capital School District approves design for new middle schools


DOVER, Del. – The Capital School District Board of Education recently approved the schematic design for its two new middle schools, a $111 million project.

“This is our middle school and we want to be able to stay here. So we have room for expansion already in the design,” says Dr. Dan Shelton, the Superintendent of the Capital School District. “We were looking for two schools because about 800 students is the right size for a middle school.”

The new facilities will be built on Patrick Lynn Drive where the old Dover High used to be and officials had one thing very high on their priority list. “We didn’t want to have one school on one side of the district that had one set of programs and one school on another side of the district they had a different set of programs.”

So although there will technically be two schools they’ll share spaces like the auditorium, gyms and CTE programs. “At the classroom level it will still feel like a small school but on the grand level we will be able to have all kinds of services and supports for our kids because those will be in shared spaces for both schools.”

As part of the plan, the schools will finally help the district reconfigure grade levels. “That’s going to be able to be done once we build the new middle schools. So that we will have true middle schools that are 6th, 7th and 8th.”

While there’s still a long way to go before ground is broken at the end of 2020, officials are excited about the future. “We can’t wait to be able to get our kids housed in a true middle school with true middle school programs it’s going to be fantastic.”

Officials say the the athletic fields with be in the same spot but be reconfigured. They also plan to add a concession stand and shed.

Once this project is done, Central Middle School will immediately become an elementary school with a very small renovation that was already funded during the last referendum. The students currently in East Dover Elementary and Fairview Elementary will co-locate to Central so those two buildings can become early childhood centers for Kindergarten and Pre-K.

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