Wicomico county officials propose stricter marijuana laws

SALISBURY, Md. – Local law enforcement officials in Wicomico County are looking to introduce and pass stricter laws when it comes to marijuana use. Tonight during a county council work session, the county states attorney, the deputy states attorney, and the sheriff explained their proposed legislation that would mirror closely passed legislation in Fruitland. That legislation made marijuana use in public a misdemeanor with a fine that could range up to 500 dollars and no more than 90 days in jail.

Wicomico County States Attorney Jamie Dykes says, “Use in public is still a problem, it still poses a public safety risk for us.”

Wicomico County Sheriff, Mike Lewis weighed in saying, “If you want to smoke weed and you want to do it in the privacy of your own home, so be it… we’re not coming into your home if you’re smoking marijuana… we’re not out targeting those who are using marijuana for medicinal purposes.”

The Sheriff, the county states attorney, and the deputy states attorney will tweak their legislation and will present it at the next council meeting on the 21st. We’re also told they are open to input from the medicinal cannabis community about how this legislation should be crafted.

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