Changing the name of West Fourth Street

LEWES, Del.- A two year long push to change the name of a Lewes street to Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard is still happening.

“It’s very important to me to see something preserved, even a name of a street and community of a neighborhood where you watch people grow up,” Reverend George H. Edwards Sr., of Friendship Baptist Church, said.

Some community members said they want to see this street get renamed, so they can better honor Lewes’ history and the contributions made by African Americans here.

“As things began to change, we were trying to think of something that we could do to preserve some of the history of the black community,” Edwards said.

47ABC was told the change hasn’t happened yet due to reasons, like people not wanting to change their address.

“There are a number of people who have houses on west fourth street that it’s not that much of a burden we’ll do it and then there are others that have said that this is a pretty significant burden,” Ann Marie Townshend, City Manager of Lewes, said.

There has been a suggestion for an honorific name change in the past, meaning that property owners would not have to change their mailing address,  but the people behind this effort said they prefer a complete name change.

Although the church has voiced their opinion on wanting to change the name, city hall said that they are continuing to work with the community to come to an agreement.

“At this point, we’ve sent out a post card to all property owners in the city of Lewes , giving them the opportunity to give written comments by Jan 10 so that mayor and council can take their thoughts into consideration,” Townshen said.

The final meeting where a decision will be made is set to take place on Jan. 13.

Until Jan. 10,  residents are encouraged to submit their opinions about the name change through a letter or email to city hall.

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