Major grant announced for Eastern Shore public transportation

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – There’s some pretty big news for public transportation on the Eastern Shore. Grants totaling almost one million dollars were just announced for services that impact all of the counties on the lower shore.

“We use Shore Transit every day here. The majority of the residents to come through these doors, they don’t have their own transportation,” says Joyce Cottman, the Executive Director for the Lower Shore Shelter.

Organizations like the Lower Shore Shelter in Princess Anne rely on Shore Transit. “To get to medical appointments, to get to things that we are trying to work with them to resolve their barriers that kind of attribute it to homelessness. They need transportation,” says Cottman.

So the shelter’s Executive Director says it’s a relief knowing that Shore Transit was just given an $850-thousand grant.

“There are some that have to go to work early in the morning and getting back late. So that’s the only transportation they have, to go to and from work,” says Cottman.

This grant will help replace outdated vehicles while improving safety and efficiency for a service that so many on the Eastern Shore use.

“Somerset County is so rural that you go for miles and miles. If you don’t have any type of transportation on your own, you have to rely on public transportation,” says Cottman.

Now some locals are waiting to see if Shore Transit will be able to expand services in the future. “I’m hoping they will put on more routes because I know that there was a time that they did have to take some of them off,” says Cottman.

Delmarva Community Services is also getting a public transportation grant, almost a quarter of a million dollars. That will benefit Talbot, Dorchester, Caroline and Kent Counties.

For more information on Shore Transit: click here.

If you’d like to donate to, volunteer at or need resources from the Lower Shore Shelter, call 443-888-6160.

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