If you leave your car running unattended, you could be fined

MILTON, Del. – It’s that time of year where we all get into our cars in the morning and freeze for a solid few minutes before the heat kicks on, but that doesn’t mean that you should fire up your car truck or SUV a few minutes before you hop in and start your day.

In case you didn’t know, it’s actually illegal to leave your car running unattended.

If you get caught breaking this law you could be fined up to $75 in Delaware and $70 in Maryland.

Officials say that they implemented this law to protect you and your belongings.

Chief Robert Longo, Milton Police Department said, “So my advice to everyone is stay cold for a few minutes, warm up your car when you’re in there, or if you’re outside and it’s got ice on the window, scrape your ice while your car is warming up. You’re there, it’s less likely that someone is going to steal your car when you’re standing there.”

It’s also illegal to leave your car unattended in Virginia.

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