Gun owners say MD conceal carry law is too restrictive

MARYLAND – Maryland has gotten the NRA’s attention. The National Rifle Association is backing an appeal to the Supreme Court that claims the state’s concealed carry law is too restrictive.

As is stands now the applicant needs to provide good and substantial reasoning as to why they need to conceal carry. According to Bob Arthur, owner of Arthur’s Shooters Supply in Berlin those accepted reasons can be that you’re a business owner with cash flow, you’re an assumed risk professional like a judge or security guard or that you’re a threatened or victimized individual.

However, according to Arthur, applicants cannot get a concealed carry permit just because they want to use it for self-defense, unlike other states that allow concealed carry.

“If you’re not a felon, you’re not a prohibited person by federal guidelines, our constitution says that we can be armed. Maryland just needs to get with all these other states that allow people to protect themselves and their families,” Arthur said.

Arthur also argues that if the law was less restrictive, more people would carry, which in turn could help lower crime numbers.

“All these criminals know that these people aren’t armed and they know they can be victimized very easily. It just seems like the government doesn’t understand,” Arthur said.

But some disagree saying self-defense isn’t a good enough reason to conceal carry.

“Everyone has a different situation. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, so there’s definitely a need in certain areas for protection for themselves but there are more ways to protect yourself than just a gun,” said Lance Fischer.

Fischer went on to say that he believes the concealed carry law allows for the people that really need them to have them.


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