Corrigan selected as new Frankford police chief

FRANKFORD, Del. – There is a new chief in town and his name is Laurence Corrigan.

This week, Frankford residents welcomed Chief Corrigan with open arms after their town went two years without its own police department.

“This is a one-man agency, but I don’t feel that I’m alone in my pursuits,” said Corrigan.

People we spoke with say even though they had officers from Delaware State Police patrolling their town from time to time they feel safer knowing they have a full-time chief who’s dedicated to protecting their community.

“It’s a great peace of mind knowing that somebody is right around the corner in your time of need,” said Betsy Bare, a Frankford resident.

“The state police were doing an outstanding job here, but we need somebody here that’s full time and accountable to the citizens on an individual basis as well,” said Corrigan.

Although Chief Corrigan is the only officer patrolling these streets, he is determined to crack down on any and all crime.

“If there’s any criminal activity that I hope to clean information about through various meetings with various sectors of the town,” said Corrigan.

However, Chief Corrigan’s plans do not stop there. He also wants to push for programs that would support the towns kids, senior citizens and even the local immigrant community.

“We all need to feel connected to our government, to our police and to each other for the community to grow,” said Corrigan.

Work aside, people living in this small town say Corrigan is more than a police chief, he is family.

Meanwhile, the chief says, he is excited to help take the town to new heights.

“This is a great opportunity for all of us and we’re going to shine through this,” said Corrigan.

The chief says he hopes to hire more officers in the spring.

He is also working closely with other local police departments, to help the town grow.

Chief Corrigan has also partnered up with the Frankford Library and will continue to read to kids and be a mentor.

On top of that, the chief says he is looking forward to having coffee with locals.

He says everyone should keep a close eye on social media to keep up to date with all his new activities.

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