Salisbury-Wicomico Airport to get water infrastructure upgrade

SALISBURY, Md. – The Salisbury-Wicomico Airport is expected to get a major water upgrade thanks to the Maryland Board of Public Works. Recently, officials announced that they secured more than $4 million in funding for the airport’s water main extension project. They say the airport’s multiple wells have had significant water quality issues, including nitrates and heavy metals But now, with this money, they’ll be able to connect to the airport to the city of Salisbury’s water system. In addition to having a safe and sustainable water supply, the project will also allow the airport to expand and enhance fire protection.

“We’ll be able to build larger buildings. We’ve been restricted for years to build less than 10,000 sq ft without putting in expensive pump systems and containment systems to be able to have proper fire suppression and support for larger buildings,” said Regional Airport Manager, Dawn Veach.

Officials add that the project will be constructed in accordance with coastal and non-coastal resiliency guidelines developed as part of the Coast Smart Program to reduce climate change risks to such projects.

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