Salisbury named one of the best dessert cities

SALISBURY, Md. – “If you remember 8 years ago, there wasn’t much happening, now it’s the place to be,” said Susan Patt, owner of Cake Art.

If you’ve got a sugar rush, you probably want to be in Salisbury.

That is because the city recently got listed by Food and Wine Magazine as number five in the nation a top destination for dessert.

“We’ve got Cake Art, we’ve got the Ugly Pie, we’ve got Sugar Rush,” said the President and CEO at the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce, Bill Chambers.

According to Food and Wine who used information compiled by Infogroup the Salisbury area is considered the cat’s meow because of how many dessert shops you’ll find in and around the city.

On top of that, The Ugly Pie downtown holds the title of Best Pie Shop in the state.

“You can taste how the caramel and the apple crumble, it tastes real,” said Kailee Bailey, a customer at The Ugly Pie.

Locals we spoke to say they love to indulge in locally sourced sweets. Something city officials say provides a spark to the shore’s economy.

“I know that the ag community, which is the number one industry in Wicomico County is very appreciative that our young restaurant tours are actually sourcing what they grow and what they produce,” said Chambers.

City officials say it’s the young business leaders who are changing the game.

“I’ve heard over the years that Salisbury or the Eastern Shore in general is God’s country, and I just felt like this was the perfect place,” said Vicente Hernandez, owner of Olde Town Deli.

Some owners say the city makes it easier for them to thrive.

“We have the small business development center, the chamber of commerce, even the mayor,” said Hernandez.

“Everybody is really hands on,” said Hernandez.

But, with so many desserts to choose from we are told it brings competition to new levels.

“Everyone has a sweet tooth, well most people have a sweet tooth, and we all want to appease them,” said Susan Patt, owner of Cake Art.

Some owners say the city area offers local incentive programs, which makes it easier for their business to thrive.

On the same list, Ocean City, New Jersey is considered number one in the United States.

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