Mountaire Farms plans to expand spray irrigation, sludge disposal acreage

MILLSBORO, Del. – A plan to expand the amount of acres Mountaire Farms can use to spray irrigation and dispose of sludge in Millsboro has gotten the approval of the Sussex County Planning and Zoning Committee. According to Mountaire officials, they’re looking to add about 350 more acres to the existing 920 acres the company already owns. They say this move would allow them to spray more of the fields that would give the farmers Mountaire leases the land to, to be able to grow better crops. They add this plan would also give the company the flexibility to use that extra 350 acres for treated wastewater which has already been receiving sludge.

“It’s not about expansion; it’s not about producing any more wastewater than we already do. It’s really just using the land that we already own a little bit more effectively and a little bit more flexible so that we can maximize the positive benefits of our treated wastewater,” said Director of Communications, Cathy Bassett.

Officials add that a county council and public hearing regarding Mountaire’s expansion request is set for Tuesday, November 5th at 1:30 in the county administration building.


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