Local family gets help from Rep. Andy Harris for medical needs

BERLIN, Md. – Shana Farlow is breathing a sigh of relief.

“Without that letter, I would still be fighting for crucial supplies for them. The weight of the world has been lifted off of our shoulders and we can go back to our normal life,” said Farlow.

Now that her family is finally getting back on track to receiving the supplies they need to take care of her two brothers, Andrew and Nathan after they were switched from receiving Medicaid to Medicare.

“Because their grandmother went on Medicare, all of a sudden they lose the government’s help in buying these essential products that they’ve had their entire lives, this made no sense whatsoever,” said Representative Andy Harris.

After reaching out to Congressman Andy Harris’ office for help, Harris tells 47 ABC he knew immediately that what was happening to this family was wrong, and that something needed to be done.

“As a doctor and a member of Congress, I fully understand the medical background of what these young men needed,” said Harris.

That’s when Harris pulled out the big guns and went straight to the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to fix this issue. But it wasn’t easy.

“When we initially went, we actually got a denial the first time too. That’s when we decided we’re going right to the top. We’re going to the administrator of CMS and we’re going to write her a letter, talk to her personally about it,” said Harris.

And after 9 months of fighting, this family finally got the news they’d be waiting for.

“We just received the official letter last week from CMS to Congressman Andy Harris that it was actually fixed and it was taken care of,” said Farlow.

And while this is a huge win for the family, they say they want to make sure this never happens again to anyone else.

“So in this letter, it’s wonderful because they’re actually going to look into it, and look into why this happened to a family like ours and to make sure it doesn’t happen to other families like ours,” said Farlow.



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