Hidden opportunities for Wico. students who qualify for free or reduced lunch

WICOMICO CO., Md. – Wicomico County Public schools is reminding families that the deadline to reapply for free or reduced lunch is next week.

School officials say 60 percent of students in the county benefit from free or reduced lunch. But families need to reapply for that benefit before Tuesday, October 15th. However, families who want to apply for free or reduced lunch for the first time have until October 31st.

Program directors tell 47 ABC this status helps with more than just feeding kids at school. Families with students who have a free or reduced lunch status can also take advantage of other opportunities they might not even know are out there.

“Cable service in their homes. Reduced rates for SAT scores. And the school system will also use that free and reduced rate to apply for grants and get grant monies for our schools based on that free and reduced percentage,” says Eric Goslee, the director of food services for Wicomico County Public Schools.

Paper applications are available at your child’s school or you can go online here to apply.

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