Dionte Dutton Trial: Day 3



SALISBURY, Md. – Dionte Dutton walked into the courtroom on Thursday smiling, greeting loved ones who were seated in the pews.

Dutton, charged in the 2017 murder of Jaquanta Walton, sat quietly throughout the morning as his lawyer cross-examined Corporal Scott Sears with the Maryland State Police.

The Defense made it a point to prove that Sears and law enforcement considered Dutton a suspect from the very beginning and spent little-to-no time investigating other potential suspects.

After hours of testimony, Cpl. Sears was released, and more witnesses were called. That included a former so-called associate of Dutton’s, who spoke of Dutton’s association to Lee Braboy, who has already been convicted in the case.

That same witness spoke of a gang that Braboy associated himself with, creating a potential link between Dutton and that gang.

In the afternoon, the state called Detective Sabrina Metzger with the Maryland State Police.

Metzger testified, in detail, about phone calls Dutton made to Braboy less than an hour before the murder, showing the jury how the times of those phone calls line up with scenes from surveillance video that allegedly show Dutton and Walton interacting.

Court is scheduled to resume on Friday at 9:00 a.m.

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