Work on new Salisbury roundabout still has yet to begin

SALISBURY, Md. – Construction of a new roundabout in Salisbury still hasn’t started.

In August, we were told work would begin on the roundabout on September 18th, but when we checked back on Monday, two weeks later, we noticed that nothing has changed at the intersection of Carroll Street, Riverside Drive, Mill Street and Camden Avenue.

The current intersection has caused traffic problems, because it’s not designed as a normal T-shaped, four-way intersection. The hope is that this new roundabout will make it safer for drivers by making things less confusing.

That will only happen once the project is completed, and that can only happen when it’s started.

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day said, “Their contract is active so the clock is ticking on them, they can mobilize at any point. What that means is every day that they don’t start is a day on the back end that they’re being charged liquidated damages and that’s true for any contractor doing any work.”

Mayor Day says that he doesn’t know if they plan to work faster than they did when the job was quoted, but he still expects the roundabout to take several months to complete.

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