Violence around Dover nightclub raises concerns

DOVER, Del. – “It makes the community feel nervous,” said Jason, a Dover resident.

People in Dover are sounding off about the ongoing police investigations started at the Allure Nightclub.

“Three shooting situations and one situation where three people were injured with a knife where there was cutting or stabbing,” said Cpl. Mark Hoffman at the Dover Police Department.

All of those have happened over the past 5 months and on Wednesday the latest crime a shooting forced police to make yet another appearance at the nightclub.

It is a situation neighbors say has gotten out of hand.

“As a former Uber driver, I used to bring people here all time, and I was always afraid that something could break out to where my life would be in danger,” said Jason.

47abc reached out to local businesses near the club. They refused to comment on camera, but one says this situation luckily, does not affect their business.

As for the owner of the club, we got no reply.

Police say there is only so much they can do to stop these crimes from happening.

“We have an entire city to patrol and when we’re on night-shift our resources our obviously limited,” said Hoffman.

Police are still searching for suspects involved in some of these violent crimes and encourage anyone with information to come forward.

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