Delmarva Bike Week Kicks-Off

SALISBURY, Md – Delmarva Bike Week is upon us after kicking off Thursday in Salisbury at Shorebirds Stadium.

Aside from all the things bikers can do during the 4-day long event, the most important thing about Bike Week may be the camaraderie that comes with it.

“You get that feeling of brotherhood or sisterhood or family. You go down the road and you see us waving at one another like this, that’s right there,” said Kim Vallejo.

Bikers come from all over just to spend these 4 days together doing bike rides, talking shop and getting ideas of how to customize their rides by checking out what everyone else is doing.

“They’ll come down they’ll put custom pipes on their bike, they’ll get custom stereos, custom rims, everybody does their bike to their own personality,” said site manager John Powers.

And while they’re all down on the shore, event organizers encourage them to ride around Delmarva to get a feel for the area with by doing their “Cruising the Coast” ride.

“You just ride to that vendor and go down and see the sites, it goes as far as Saxis Virginia down at captain E’s. you can over to Chincoteague to little whippy and then come back to Salisbury and then you go to the inlet and then you can go up to Seaford Delaware,” Powers said.

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