Delaware Family remembers son, first responders that died on 9/11

LEWES, Del. – “He geared up, he called his wife and said to his wife, I’m all geared up and I’m going in. So if something happens to me, my brother will find me,” said Roger Whitford.

It’s been 18 years and the pain is still as strong as the day Roger and Carol Whitford found out their son, 31 year old Mark Whitford, was killed in the September 11th attacks.

“I was helping everybody else who had family in Manhattan and I was consoling them not knowing that my son was missing,” said Carol Whitford.

Mark was the driver of Engine 23, and was supposed to stay with the truck when he and his crew got to the World Trade Center. But Mark, according to mom and dad, was never one to just sit and wait.

“He had to run in there. He was assigned to the truck and he really didn’t have to go in as a driver, but no, that’s not Mark. I’m very proud of him,” said Carol.

Mark was one of 343 firefighters who died that day trying to fight one of the fires in the south tower before it collapsed. Today, Mark’s legacy along with 3,000 others is still alive. Through a memorial, built by his parents, as a way to remember each and every American who was taken that day.

“The steel represents and is dedicated to the over 3,000 that we lost that day.  had a vision, and with my vision it’s a reality now,” said Roger.

Although their hearts are still broken, they look at this memorial as a way to be whole again.

“I know he’s with us every day. I just don’t want anybody to forget. This here is for everybody. Just don’t forget.

The Whitford’s also have a night display with lights that show the memorial. And they say anyone is welcome to stop by and visit. The memorial is located at 17181 Minos Conaway Rd. Lewes, Delaware.


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