TUHD hosts book bag giveaway to help youth in need

CAMDEN, Del. — This morning, our very own Erica Murphy was joined on the desk by Jarrett Cagle and Austayne Brown, who were here to talk about their 2nd Annual book bag giveaway at the new Boys & Girls Club at 1635 New Burton Rd, in Camden, Delaware. The book bag giveaway is today, August 16th from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Jarrett is not a stranger to 47 ABC; last year he was featured on an edition of The BrightSide, where he was honored for his work as a youth counselor. Growing up in Dover, an area with plenty of poverty and crime, this giveaway would most likely mean the world to some of the kids he counsels or even those in need. It’s an area he says gobbles up many young people before they really have a chance to get started in life.

Jarrett’s organization is TUHD and that represents Team Up, Hands Down and he says that means “hands down, you and your team can get the job done.” He says they push for a lot of positivity in the community and respect.

There is no registration for this event because it is through the Boys & Girls Club who already had a group of kids who may have needed school supplies.  He says they will also reflect on what their dreams are and what resources or steps they should take to accomplish. There will also be a sneaker giveaway as well.

Jarrett says TUHD wants to continue to uplift and give a positive push in the community for the youth to follow. For more information on the organization or the event you can visit Jarrett instagram @40karatJarrett or visit his website, which is www.tuhdnext.com.



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