OC Police report increase in 911 hang up calls


OCEAN CITY, Md. – Ocean City police have reported an increased number of 911 hang up calls.

Police say the increase could be blamed on pocket dialing, or even smart watches that automatically dial 911 if a certain button is pressed –

The hang ups could also be caused by hotels that require residents to dial 9-1 before dialing out.

Officials say when a person dials 911 and hangs up, police do still respond to the area to make sure there is no emergency.

So, if you do accidentally dial 911, police have some tips for you.

“Don’t panic, just stay on the line, let our dispatchers know that it was an accidental pocket dial, that it was an accident on your end, so that way we’re not sending officers out trying to find an emergency or anything like that,” Ashley Miller, Deputy Communications Manager with the Ocean City Police Department, said.

Police say they’ll continue to look into what caused the increase in 911 hang ups, but in the meantime people should follow their tips and stay on the line.

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