Deer damage crops, leads to early harvesting season


DOVER, Del. – Hunters in Delaware are getting an early start to the hunting season, and it’s all because of crops.

Officials with the Delaware Department of Agriculture tell 47 ABC that several farmers around Redden State Forest were experiencing crop damage, some so bad that their fields were completely unusable.

The damage was caused by deer coming through and eating crops in the fields, which came at a big loss for the farmers.

So the Department of Agriculture worked with DNREC to open the impacted area to hunters on August 15th.

And officials say while this is an unprecedented move, they tried other solutions before allowing hunters to chance to harvest the deer.

“Unfortunately, the farmers that were doing their due diligence and were actually out there spraying and putting up deer deterrents, we found the deer are just, you know, going right through them and eating the crops,” Kyle Hoyd with the Department of Agriculture said.

The area is limited to a portion of Redden State Park – and allows for some firearms and some bows and crossbows.
Anyone interested in the full list of rules – can visit the State of Delaware’s website.

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