Come Through: The Podcast

SALISBURY, Md. – Three guys from Pocomoke City have started a podcast that they hope will shine a light on the place they call home. Their guests are Eastern Shore locals, who have positively impacted their communities. But the podcast is about much more than sharing inspirational stories.

“Come Through: The Podcast” is the passion project of Jamaal Dennis, Maurice Waters, and Tony Ward.

“We just want people to come through and be themselves and share their story and just be okay with sharing your story,” says Dennis.

The three are originally from Pocomoke City, or as they fondly call it the “957”.

“The Eastern Shore has changed a little bit from what we grew up. It used to be a great time, everyone’s friendly but now the youth has changed a lot,” says Ward.

“Pocomoke is a small town where dreams often get crushed or broken but we want to show them that no matter what you go through you can prevail and get to that dream,” says Dennis.

Because they know the Eastern Shore has untapped potential. “There’s so much talent and people that are doing great things on this Eastern Shore that doesn’t get seen,” says Dennis.

Now they’re using this studio to showcase positive stories. “There are people that are doing things. Huge things in their own world and creating a better space for people around them and that kind of asset in a community are the things that should be highlighted, the things that should be brought to light,” says Waters.

Specifically stories with young black men at the center. “Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, people that look like me. Feel what I’m saying? Because we don’t get a lot of light,” says Waters.

But they want to do more than just inspire others. They want to bring difficult topics to the table too like mental health, broken homes and poverty. “Everyday problems that people may not feel comfortable talking to other people about but they see someone else sharing their story that makes them comfortable,” says Dennis.

“Let everyone know that it’s possible for you to do it, no matter what upbringing you have, whether you had a good upbringing or bad upbringing,” says Ward.

Their hope is that these authentic and raw discussions unite the community. They say they feel a sense of responsibility now.

“We know we’re responsible. We have a voice. We have three different voices. And together we can kind of shout from the rooftops, ‘There is awesome in this community’,” says Waters.

It’s a position they didn’t exactly expect but say they feel privileged to be in. “And if that’s all we are, a hub to say there is awesomeness in this community, we’re down for that. It’s pretty cool to be in that situation,” says Waters.

They tell 47 ABC that they have big dreams for “Come Through: The Podcast”. They even want to create a scholarship fund for it in the future.

They release new episodes every Friday at noon. You can find the podcast on Facebook, Spotify and on iTunes soon.

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