Cameras, new lighting part of improvements for town park

FRANKFORD, Del. – The town of Frankford has been hard at work, making improvements to their town park ahead of this weekend’s music festival to address mental health issues.

An old volleyball court has already been taken out, but there are more improvements to be made there. The garden area, which contains some memorials, will be replaced.

The town has also applied for a grant from Delaware Parks and Recreation for new lighting and cameras. We’re told town officials will be able to watch and listen in to the park at all times, and they hope this will make the area a safer place for kids and families.

“See people in the morning, 5:30, 6 o’clock walking here. There’s a lot of maintenance on these, but coming out here walking, and building a community where they talk to each other. You walk out here and they say, ‘good morning, ah today’s this and that,’ and everybody’s fine. We gotta have that,” said Frankford councilman Skip Ash.

They expect to have the new cameras and lights installed at the park within six months. In the mean time, the hundreds of people attending the music festival to focus on mental health this Saturday, will be able to enjoy the park without that old volleyball set in the way.

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