New Maryland laws go into effect on July 1

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – We’re officially in a new month, which means some new Maryland laws are now being enforced. Back in March, state lawmakers passed a number of bills during legislative session. Some of the pieces of legislation that got the green light from Governor Larry Hogan are now taking effect. Under one law, schools are now prohibited from expunging data from personnel files in cases of employee sexual misconduct. Another new law now in effect, despite eastern shore legislators voicing their concerns, will now permanently create five oyster sanctuaries in the area. But despite it now being enforced, local lawmakers say they’ll continue to do what they can to ensure eastern shore watermen thrive.

“Yes it is law today, but what I’m going to do is continue to figure out the best avenues so we can continue to have a flourishing economy for the eastern shore as well,” said Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes (D)-District 37A.

As of Monday, schools and food service businesses are also banned from selling styrofoam containers in an effort to reduce pollution.

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