Maryland Coastal Bays Program receives $70,000 from EPA

BERLIN, Md. – The Maryland Coastal Bay Program just got a huge boost from the EPA after getting 70 thousand dollars in funding. Officials say a good portion of that funding will go towards their waste reduction campaign in Ocean City. There, they’ll be challenging restaurants in the area to reduce their use of single use plastic and non-compostable materials. They’ll also be using the money to bring back a coastal stewards program to UMES, where they’ll be teaching students there about the use and importance of green infrastructure.

“We have 300,000 people that come to town on a warm summer weekend. We have lots of resources to protect. We have a staff of six folks here and a partnership that’s great with a lot of other agencies and partners to help out. It really is a partnership approach and we need to keep sustaining that with our federal fundings,” said Coastal Bays Executive Director Frank Piorko.

Officials add that they’ll officially launch their waste reduction campaign in Ocean City on Tuesday, July 23rd.


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