Extreme heat challenges local construction workers

SALISBURY, Md. – For most of us it’s easy to brave for another heat wave, we just get some extra ice, turn on the AC and plan to hang out at the pool, but if you’re in construction there’s no getting around it.

“Not only is the heat beating down from the top it’s coming back from the bottom too from the black top and the concrete so it’s like basically being in an oven,” exclaims Michael Montgomery.

This heat has proved to be a challenge for construction workers as Delmarva heads into their third heat wave this summer and the biggest obstacle they face is staying hydrated.

“Well you gotta stay hydrated I keep my canteen close to me or a nice cool wet rag, something to take the sweat off and loose clothing. Other than that as you can see its hard to find shade.”

And when you add asphalt work into the mix, that just ups the temperatures even more.

“That material comes out at the plant at about 300 degrees. You figure it’s 90-95 degrees air temperature out and about 150 degrees surface temperature when it’s hot like this, it’s just hot all the way around. I mean it really is a stress on our workers,” explains SHA Spokesperson Bob Rager.

Extreme heat that sometimes makes it impossible to get the work done during the day.

“We do concrete work and bridge pours, we have to move that work to night because it is literally too hot to pour that concrete and finish it during the daytime when it’s this hot.”

But as workers tell us, “You’ve got to make money somehow why not make it out here?”

So while the workers will continue powering through this sweltering heat, officials just ask for drivers to show a little compassion when they’re driving by.

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