Surveys issued to improve educator recruitment and retention strategies

DOVER, Del. –  The Delaware Department of Education is looking to improve their ability to recruit and retain educators with a new survey.

This survey has been sent out to educators throughout Delaware who have decided to leave their position, district, or the profession in general.

The survey asks how long they’ve been in their position, how long they’ve been in the profession, and their reason for leaving.

The department says recruiting and retaining educators is a problem for them, as it is nationally. The goal is to get a better understanding for why people leave, and to craft strategies for how to increase retention and improvement recruitment.

“We can implement, develop and implement really meaningful strategies to increase retention,” said Jon Neubauer, associate secretary educator support at the Delaware Department of Education. “And again, strengthen our recruitment efforts so that we can bring the very best teachers and school leaders and other educators here to Delaware to teach our kids.”

The results of the survey will be put together in a report that will be delivered in early 2020. The next step would be to tweak the department’s guidelines with six months after that report is filed.

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