Milton business hit by car for third time in one year

MILTON, Del. – It’s not very often that you hear about cars crashing into buildings, but one popular bistro in Milton was just hit for the third time in the last year.

Stephanie Przygocki, a Co-owner of The Suburban Farmhouse in Milton said, “She hit the building there where the tarp is, and pushed the brick in about six inches and then on the inside of the building, the crack goes all the way up the outer wall and then across to one of the main walls.”

The cause of this crash was the wrong choice of footwear.

Milton Police Chief Robert Longo said, “The driver pulled in and her flip flop got stuck underneath the gas pedal and she couldn’t get the brake quick enough and hit the building.”

About a year ago, another driver crashed into the Suburban Farmhouse wall while trying to park.

Chief Longo said, “First accident was last year. The drivers foot slipped off the brake as she was coming into the parking spot.”

While the second accident didn’t cause much damage, the first and the third caused quite the headache for the business owners.

Przygocki said, “The second window there is a bathroom you can see where the window is cracked it went up and shot across that wall and then across the other wall as well.”

Now police are offering advice to drivers.

Chief Longo said, “Make sure you have control of the vehicle. I would wear proper foot wear again just make sure your feet are on the right pedal and that’s the best advice I could give.”

We’re told the landlord of the building is considering installing pole barriers to prevent any more damage, but that would have to be approved by the historical society first as the building goes back to the early 1900’s.

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