Lawsuit alleges unlawful discrimination in Indian River School District

GEORGETOWN, Del. – A group of locals have filed a lawsuit against the Indian River School District.

Their goal is to put an end to what they call unlawful discrimination at the Georgetown Washington Carver Academy.

The federal lawsuit was filed in May 2017 and has once again come to the forefront.

The Indian River School District leaders were expected to discuss the claims made about the George Washington Carver Academy on Monday.

The complaint filed in the United States District Court for the District for Delaware seeks to end unlawful discrimination and practices that deprive students opportunities based on race.

While the school refuses to comment concerned citizens and parents who are part of that suit are.

“As I was talking with the students they felt that this is, ‘well, I’m at the bad school,’ so this was stigmatizing them and so they felt that this was a bad school,” said Claudia Waters, one of the plaintiffs.

Waters claims the Academy is used as a, “dumping ground for African-American students.”

Waters said the school district removes them from its mainstream schools and sends them over to Carver in disproportionate numbers.

“It was actually not an educational support it was more of a dumping ground to actually have the students to just to be there and not really get the resources and the educational training that they really needed,” said Waters.

Waters said that the district neglects the need of students, including learning-disabilities support while at the Academy.

She said this has gone on long enough.

“It just seems like right now since 2016 and this is 2019 they’re still dragging their feet as if to say they’ll go away,” said Waters.

“But, I’m not going away, and I will be here until a change comes,” said Waters.

She hopes educators will decide to convert the academy into a school where students can graduate with a diploma and have a better future.

“It hurts, it really hurts, but I’m hoping that they’ll move forward and go ahead and do what is necessary if they really want to help to see a better county, a better district that’s what we need to do,” said Waters.

Waters said the Indian River School does plan to move forward with further meetings about the lawsuit.

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