High Street reopens to both lanes of traffic

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – High Street in Cambridge is finally open to both lanes of traffic after months of construction and headaches for business owners.

The purpose of the construction project was to smooth out the road and to upgrade water and sewer mains under the street that were over 100 years old.

On top of repairing the road and upgrading water mains,  the city made sidewalk corners more accessible to those in wheelchairs and installed new traffic lights at intersections.

While local business owners tell us they certainly appreciate all these upgrades, they say they’re just glad the construction is over so they can get back to business as usual.

Doug Turner, the Owner of Downtown Frame of Mine said, “I’m excited! I can’t tell you how excited I am. I’ve been sitting here some days twiddling my thumbs just to see it open again it makes it all worth while because its been tough. At one point, the whole street was closed, so does the word red ink mean anything to you?”

While the work on the 300 block is finally done, the lower two blocks of High Street will also need to be completed.

No word yet on when that construction will begin .

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