Health fair offers support for Haitian community

SALISBURY, Md. – The First Haitian United Methodist Church hosted their second annual health fair on Saturday.

Their goal is to provide the Haitian community with local resources they may need.

“There are a lot of Haitian people that we don’t know in the community that they don’t know what we are doing in the community,” said Faubert Jean-Baptiste, the pastor at the First Haitian United Methodist Church.

“We see the disparity that’s in the Haitian community, so we would like to educate them not only about health, but about the local resources that’s in the community for them,” said Nadya Julien, the youth pastor at the First Haitian United Methodist Church.

Different organizations were on hand Saturday helping members of the local Haitian community test for things like high blood pressure and kidney disease.

“Sometimes because of the language barrier living here on the Eastern Shore they may not know how to ask or have access to certain resources,” said the National Kidney Foundation for the Eastern Shore & Southern Delaware Associate Executive Director, Nicole Scharf.

“I’d like to see more Haitian knowledgeable about their health, so when they are diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension or high cholesterol they know exactly what to do,” said Julien.

Saturday’s volunteers say they want to help break language barriers and give this community the support they need.

“I think just letting this community know that we’re here to help them and we’re here for them and are willing to work with them despite the language barrier just says a lot,” said Scharf.

The Wicomico Health Department and Chesapeake Healthcare also participated in Saturday’s health fair.

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