Town still in unrest following removal of city manager

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. – Nearly a month after Bobby Cowger was removed from his city manager position, tensions were still running high at Monday night’s city council meeting.

“I don’t think anything has really been accomplished,” said resident Keri Ann Foster.

Last week, Cowger and his attorney released a statement saying that he had asked the city council to reinstate him. Residents say they attended the Monday’s meeting to see what the town was going to do, but the council remained tight lipped appearing to stand their ground.

“This is a personnel issue and we cannot, at this time our city attorney Mr. Leslie has already given an official statement on behalf of the mayor and council,” said councilmember Scott Holland.

“They’re beating around the bush, they’re beating around the questions,” said another resident Jim Berryhill.

In his statement, Cowger wrote that if the council did not reinstate him, he was going to request a public hearing, as is allowed in the town charter.

“We are waiting to see if they reinstate him by request, everybody is hoping that they reinstate him. I know it will not be an easy thing they do,” said Foster.

Now it seems as though residents are simply waiting at this point, waiting for direction to hopefully move forwarded as a united community.

“I think we used to have a great town, but right now when we have these issues, we’re not going to get anywhere,” Foster said.

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