Retrial for fmr. Pocomoke police chief Kelvin Sewell is underway

SNOW HILL, Md. – For the second time, former Pocomke City Police Chief Kelvin Sewell finds himself back inside the Worcester County Courthouse on trial for allegedly interfering with a hit and run investigation that took place on November 21st of 2014. Sewell, once again has been charged with misconduct after he allegedly told a subordinate officer to file the report as an accident and not a hit and run for the driver, Doug Matthews, who was a fellow fraternity brother at the Masonic Lodge in Pocomoke. That officer , took the stand Tuesday afternoon and said she did what Sewell had asked because she was “afraid that she would get in trouble and would be fired.” The state is currently arguing that Sewell violated the oath he took to do his job without partiality or prejudice, when he covered up the hit and run incident, and is guilty of misconduct. As for the defense, they argue that Sewell used his best judgement when dealing with the incident, also known as law enforcement discretion, and that he did not make his decision in a corrupt manner.

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